SP Robotics specialise in robotic machining and trimming

To keep pace with the fast moving and ever increasingly high tech Australian and worldwide industries, we also have had to be innovative and versatile and be a leader in our field servicing manufacturers both in Australia and overseas whilst keeping pace with technology and our customers’ needs. Special Patterns has taken a step forward with the formation of a new division of the company, S P Robotics to provide robotic solutions.

Our robotic solutions enable us to model cells required, prove the concept, build them, program them and provide operator training and provide upgrades as the customers products change. Complementing the fast pace programming and the complex 3D shapes, we also offer SprutCAM Robot CAM package. SprutCAM Robot is a single environment for the offline programming (OLP) of industrial robots. An efficient robot machining solution for the rapid creation of complex collision-free 3D movements in native 6 or more axes code.

SP Robotics aims to be a leader of innovative and versatile solutions by keeping pace with technology to meet our customers’ changing needs.